Information for owners

Attention: AGM 2019 Meeting will be held on 22 May, 7 PM, Horizon Hotel

AGENDA 3 October 

1. Welcome by Chair and introductions.

2. Apologies and proxies.

3. Minutes of committee meeting of 18th July 2018:

• Adopt/second.

• Matter arising: All matters arising will be covered under the main agenda.

4. Factor’s report.

5. Fire safety update.

6. External painting update:

• Rowallan/Donnini remedial painting.

• Churchill works.

7. Finance:

• Bad debt update

• Contingency funds

8. James Gibb. • Update and strategy.

9. Holiday lets : Update and discussion.




AGM 7pm on Wednesday 2nd May 2018 : Horizon Hotel,


1. Welcome by Chairperson.

2. Apologies/ Proxy forms received.

3. Minutes of previous AGM/adoption and matters arising. (Copies of last   year’s AGM minutes can be obtained at: )

4. Chairperson’s Annual Report: This will include the findings of the Committee’s assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of the new estate management. 

5. Report on Bad Debt; An update will be provided on the current bad debt position after leaving James Gibb

6. Newton Property Annual Report and Financial report including: Estate accounts: Bad debt analysis: Financial forward planning: External painting: Report on the Cleaning, Ground Maintenance and Co-ordinator/Handyman Contractors.

7. Discussion re contingency (sinking) funds including the creation of a Lift Contingency Fund.

8. Report on Mitie external painting dispute.

9. Discussion on Holiday Lets within the Complex.

10. DiscussionontheoperationoftheCCTVSystem

11. Any Other Business. (As intimated by committee/owners to )

12. 5minutecoffee/teaintervalfollowedbyaprivateowner’sonlydiscussion.

 13. Estatemanagement:Owner’sdiscussion.

14. Nominationof9AssociationExecutiveCommitteemembers.•Note:A 

total of 9 committee members can be nominated. If more than 9 are nominated then an election will take place.

15. Chairperson’sclosingremarks.

13-11-2017 - Agenda Owners Meeting 15 November


Previous Minutes (SGM held on 28th June 2017)

Matters arising from previous minutes

Committee report: Introduce new Factor and Estate Co-ordinator

Update re. James Gibb final account and debt. (David McCreath)

Update re. Mitie’s external painting. (Iain McKie)

Holiday Lets: Report, assessment and discussion

Co-ordinator’s report

Factors report (Newton Property)

Owner/Factor open forum

AOB to be intimated

2-11-2017  - Owners News Letter

In the latest owners news letter, the following news can be found:

Hello from Newton Property

"We are delighted to have been appointed as factor for your development and look forward to working with both the owners and your committee to ensure your development is well maintained. As a priority, we ensure that the life services such as the fire and security systems are all functioning properly and we will undertake some basic improvements such as gutter cleaning and power washing of some hard-standing areas around the development before the winter sets in. Unfortunately James Gibb has refrained from providing owners contact details to us so we would greatly appreciate if owners would complete the owners contact details form and return it to us.
For emergencies and updates it would be very useful to have owner’s mobile numbers and email addresses.
Once again, we would like to thank the owners for our appointment and we look forward to working on your behalf.”

Sincerely, Lizanne McHugh, Regional Business Development Manager
Estate manager

Your property manager and first point of contact at Newton Property Management is Brian Orr. Brian has been with Newton for over 12 years, and deals with a wide variety of properties.
Brian is supported by a dedicated and experienced Business Support Department, headed up by Sarah Smith. Sarah and her team are available and on hand to deal with a variety of questions and queries regarding Citadel Quay.
Contact Brian and the Business Support Team :
T: 0141 353 9700 
Estate Co-ordinator

Your committee recently held interviews for the post of Estate Co-ordinator which became vacant when the shop closed and Claire Smith left the estate. The successful applicant is Lawrence Graney who lives nearby. Lawrence will have an office in the small Churchill Block and will be employed for 20 hours each week. He will be responsible for liaison with Newton Property and carrying out regular inspections of the estate to ensure repairs and faults are identified and reported as necessary. Should rubbish and unwanted white goods and furniture be dumped on the estate he will assist in identifying those responsible and will, where necessary, arrange for the local Authority to uplift. He will also ensure that repairs are promptly passed to the factors and are completed as soon as possible. Lawrence will also co-ordinate with contractors working on the estate. In general he will act as a resource for owners assisting in communication between them and the factors. George Park, our present Handyman, will work with Lawrence until January 2018, when he will retire from the post and Lawrence will take over his duties. George has been a good friend to Citadel Quay for almost a decade and we wish him well in the future.
Holiday Lets

Some owners are expressing concern about the growth of holiday lets on the estate via ‘Airbnb’ and other companies. Insurance, noise and nuisance, fire safety and security issues are high on the agenda and these matters will be fully discussed at the 15th November owner’s meeting.

Fire Safety 

The Fire Service found combustibles such as paint, bicycles, storage boxes, furniture and fitness equipment in the common areas over the estate. These items need to be removed immediately from the common areas and stored in private flats for the protection of all owners. In general all fire safety concerns are being dealt with by the factors.

23-10-2017  Mitie painting and Owners meeting 

Mitie Painting: 
Mitie will commence the remedial painting at Rowallan and Donnini on 30th October.
In addition to the flats that are already in line to have remedial work carried out we are still interested in any other owners who believe the standard of  the external painting is not up to standard to contact us at

Owner/Factor Meeting: 

There will be an owners/factors meeting in the Horizon Hotel at 7pm on Wednesday 15th November. All owners are welcome. This is an opportunity for owners to meet the new factors, Newton Property, and discuss estate issues and improvements.     

19-06-2017 - Special General Meeting 28th June 2017

Dear Fellow Owner, 


                 7 PM WEDNESDAY 28TH JUNE 2017 - HORIZON HOTEL, AYR


1. Welcome by Chairperson  


2. Apologies/ Proxy forms received 


3. Factor Presentations (15 minutes + 5 minutes questions)



4. 5 minute coffee/tea interval 






tion and Answer Session:  All three candidates and owners (45 minutes)


2. Private Owners discussion


3. Owners vote on changing factors


4. Count and result


5. Adoption of House Rules


6.  Chairperson's closing remarks 


28-3-2017 - Agenda AGM 2017 
Agenda AGM 26 April 2017  7 pm Horizon Hotel

Welcome by Chairperson.

Apologies/ Proxy forms received.

Minutes of previous AGM/adoption and matters arising. (Copies of last year’s AGM minutes can be obtained at: )

Chairperson’s Annual Report. This will include the findings of the Committee’s assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of the estate management.

Factor’s Annual Report and Financial report including: Estate accounts: Bad debt analysis: Financial forward planning: External painting: Report on the Cleaning, Ground Maintenance and Co-ordinator/Handyman Contractors.

 Nomination of 9 Association Executive Committee members.

Establishment of Lift Contingency Fund.
Any other business. (As intimated by committee/owners)

18-3-2017 - Owner’s Association Meeting Minutes

Copies of open owner’s meetings and AGM’s and other special meetings can be obtained by e-mailing a request to  identifying yourself, the flat you own and details of the minutes required.
26-09-2016 - Owners meeting
OWNER’S  MEETING AGENDA -  Monday  26th  September  

1. Opening  by  Chairman:   • Apologies  and  proxies • Update  report  to  owners
2. Churchill  Tower  Lift  Repair: • Update  and  discussion  on  current  position • Owner’s  Burdens  under  the  Deed  of  Conditions • Quotations  and  costs • Insurance  claim
3. Repair/Maintenance  Bills  -  owners  obligations: • Burden  imposed  by  Deed  of  Conditions
4. Contingency  Fund: • Estate  debt  levels • Rules  and  provisions • Proposed  increase  in  contributions  and  assignment  to  blocks  rather  than  estate
5. External  Painting  update: • Secretary’s  report
6. AOB: • CCTV  process  and  monitoring • October  Committee  estate  walk  round

16-05-2016 - Owners newsletter
The 'Citadel Quay News and Views' newsletter can be found  here

07-04-2016  Annual General Meeting
The Citadel Quay Annual General Meeting has been arranged for Wednesday 4 May 2016. The meeting will be held in the Horizon Hotel, Ayr. Owners invited to arrive for the meeting commencing promptly at 7pmWe would remind owners that this meeting is their opportunity to meet with the Committee and ourselves and raise any issues you may have.

Agenda of the AGM  

       Welcome by Chairperson.  


       Minutes of previous SGM and matters arising.   

       Annual Reports from committee:

       Chairperson’s report.

       Sub-committee reports – painting, gardening, cleaning/handyman. 

      Factor’s general report including:

       Ground maintenance tenders.


      Cleaning tenders.

       Financial report including:

       Estate  accounts.

       Bad debt analysis.

       Financial forward planning.

       Election of 9 Executive committee members.

            Note: A total of 9 committee members can be nominated. If more than 9 are nominated then an election will take place.

       Any other business. (As intimated by owners)

       Adoption of ‘House Rules’. 

       Chairpersons closing remarks.

 12-10- 2015   New Citadel Quay Owners Association and Executive Committee Created

On Sunday 11th October, at a Special General Meeting of all owners on the Citadel Quay Estate, over 60 owners voted unanimously to form an Owners Association and related Executive Committee.

A new constitution was approved and 8 owners were elected as committee members.

 The following general Mission Statement was adopted.           

            "To advance the interests of all property owners at Citadel Quay and maintain or improve their property values by monitoring, developing and promoting the overall management of the estate and improving the quality of life of all owners and residents, in line with the Deed of Conditions.” 

 In discussion it was agreed that owners must work with the factors James Gibb to ensure that the estate continues to be  effectively managed. Among the major goals identified for the Association and committee were:

   To seek the support and involvement of  all owners and tenants in improving the quality of life on the estate and developing the sense of community on the estate and with surrounding communities.

   To create a list of estate rules’ which would highlight the main provisions of the Deed of Conditions’ which lay down the rights and obligations of owners and factors in a simple and readable form. This list would be circulated to all owners and arrangements will be brought forward to have owners formally adopt the rules and make arrangements for all tenants  to sign up’ to these rules as part of their rental agreement.

   To ensure structured forward planning is in place in respect of anticipated future expenditure and major works.

   To establish financial control and  to monitor estate costs and the level of bad debt on the estate to ensure that robust procedures are in place to recover such debts and that they are kept to a minimum.

   To ensure better control of outside contractors on the estate and to encourage the employment of local services where they are available.

Details of the committee members and the new constitution will be published shortly along with dates of committee meetings which owners are welcome to attend.

 26-06-2015 Creation of Owners Association, Executive Committee and Ayr Beach Redsidence Website.
Following the Grant and Wilson takeover by James Gibb, Residential Factors, Edinburgh both the factors and the owner’s Citadel Quay Liaison Group have carried out an in-depth review of the estate management. These reviews looked at ways of achieving more effective owner involvement in that management and ways of advertising the benefits of living at Citadel Quay to a wider public.
In this connection two initiatives are being launched shortly.
An Owners Association and related Executive Committee to represent owners in discussions with factors re the estate management will be created.
A draft Association/Committee constitution is being prepared with a view to its being circulated to all owners for comment. At a Special General Meeting (SGM) to be held In September/October this year all owners will be given the opportunity to discuss the formation of the Owners Association, vote on the new constitution and elect an Executive Committee.
In addition a website is being created to encourage communication with and between owners and to introduce the estate to a wider public in Ayr and beyond. It is hoped that the site will be officially launched in August this year.
The Owner’s Liaison Group is happy to discuss these plans with any existing owners or residents and with anyone who is contemplating purchasing property on the estate. They can be contacted by e-mail at: