Reports factor

Report from 28-2-2019:
Churchill tower blocks 
We previously advised that we had a Building Surveyor prepare a Schedule of Works for the blocks and that this tender had gone out to several contractors. We are pleased to advise that through this process we received an acceptable quotation that was within budget. Not only will the works include the painting of the metal and woodwork but will include a clean of and repairs to the render. We have also included a contingency for items such as pointing repairs. These works will commence at the start of April for a period of sixteen weeks however this is subject to weather conditions so may be extended. A Project Manager has been appointed to oversee and sign off on the works. This will be done after each elevation has been completed.
While we have the scaffolding in place we would like to change the external building lighting located just above the canopies to LEDs. This will ensure that the Plaza area lighting is much brighter and will reduce energy consumption.

1-20 Churchill Towers

We received sufficient funds to instruct Hart Lifts to order all parts necessary to proceed with the lift renovation. The lift will be out of action for a period of three weeks starting from the week commencing the 4th March 2019. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause but the works had to be instructed as the Lift Insurance engineer had advised that the lift was about to be condemned and put out of action if the works had not been instructed. Where possible Hart Lifts will keep parts that may be usefully for other lifts on the Development to keep them running as many parts are now obsolete. These items will be stored in the lift room.

Report from 23-08-2018:
Fire Systems Churchill tower blocks

As you know there were extensive repairs carried out to the smoke extraction systems at both blocks at the start of the year. We can now confirm that the final repair to the smoke extraction chamber at block 23 – 35 has been completed and a new vent has been erected on the roof.  Previously a piece of chip board was erected at the top of this chamber and this reduced the air flow out to the roof. The new roof vent will stop debris, birds and rain getting into the chamber while allowing any smoke to safely go out the vents.
Donnini Court

We requested cost from contractors to undertake the repointing of the front and gable walls but unfortunately we have not received costs from the three contractors that we contacted. We are now seeking quotes from another three contracto rs. Once we have cost we will advise the owners on receipt.

Entire Development

We would like to point out that the Deed of Conditions for the Development prohibits owners from making alterations to the fabric of the building as per the clause below.
THIRTEENTH) In order to maintain the uniformity of appearance of the said development the proprietors of the properties shall not be entitled to paint, decorate or in any way alter the external appearance of any part of the subjects to which they have right or the windows or outside doors thereof nor shall they be entitled to paint, decorate or alter the appearance of the common hallways, common passages or common stairs it being expressly provided that in order to preserve the uniformity of the outdoor appearance of the whole property and of the common halls, common passages and common stairs all painting and wall coverings and repairs to any common parts shall only be dealt with in a manner hereinbefore provided as in regard to common or mutual operations or repairs; (It is accepted that the proprietors of
the commercial premises may require to alter the external appearance of their property and may require to repaint, redecorate or change the external appearance of their property;

Emergency Lighting

We have now completed checks to all of the emergency lighting on the development and have to advise that most of the gear trays require to be replaced to comply with current legislation to provide three hours of back up lighting. This work will be instructed shortly.

Key Boxes

As per previous requests we require all owners who have erected key boxes on the Development to remove these or we will instruct a contractor to do so.