Estate Rules

Citadel Quay Owner’s Association: Owner/Resident House Rules (Draft)

1. Definitions

The House Rules are a set of rules extracted from the estate Deed of Conditions. The House Rules  summarise some of the  obligations contained in the Deed but do not represent a full explanation  of those obligations. These rules are published for the advice of  the owners/residents and to protect their property and the  quality life of everyone living or working on the estate. While they have no legal standing as such they are supported by conditions laid out in the Deed of Conditions and this Deed is enforceable. In case of any conflict between the house rules and the Deed of Conditions the latter will prevail. 

2. The house rules

A. The use of the private units ( Art.2, page 2)

·None of the dwelling houses shall be sub-divided.

·Dwelling houses will be occupied solely as private dwellings. (No holiday letting, short let minimum of 6 months) 

·Dwelling house shall not be used for carrying any trade, business or profession.

B.  Estate community grounds (Art. 4, page 3 and Art. 16c, page 17)

·Community grounds must be kept in a neat and tidy condition and free from refuse, weeds or other obstructions.

·Community grounds shall not be used for the parking of bicycles, motorbikes or for the storage of goods.

·Any external biking store shall be solely used for storing bikes and for no other purpose. 

·Any common amenity ground will be used as garden ground only and no fences or structures of any kind, including signage or drying facilities, shall be built or placed without approval. 

C. Pets (Art.6, pages 3 and 4)

·It is prohibited to keep poultry, ducks, pigeons, rabbits, bees or other livestock, breeding dogs or other animals.

·It is allowed to keep 1 domestic animal per dwelling house , providing that such pet will not prove a nuisance to the neighbours.

·Dogs are only permitted on the community grounds and public areas in the buildings (incl. Lifts) on a lead and attended.

D. Uniformity of appearance  (Art.13, page 13)

·In order to preserve the uniformity of appearance of the estate, proprietors of the properties are not entitled to paint, decorate or in any way alter the external appearance of their properties or the  public areas, lifts , windows  and doors without the express permission of the factors.

·The proprietors of the properties are not entitled to erect of install, in any part of the development, a satellite dish or other reception aid without factor permission.

E.  Parking  and roads  (Art. 16, pages 17 and 18)

·The parking of cars, cycles, caravans boats or any other vehicle of any nature is not permitted on the roads within the development, access ways, paths, hard standing areas or on borders or amenity areas.

·Parking is only permitted for private cars in any parking areas provided.

·Every proprietor will be bound to use all reasonable endeavours not to obstruct or permit any obstruction of the roads and access ways of the development.

·Any basement or internal covered parking area’s will be used for parking of private motorcars only and for no other purpose.

F. Garbage and storage in common areas (Art. 16b, page 17)

·No garbage cans or ash bucket or any form of refuse receptacle or any other article of any other nature shall be permitted to be left or deposited in any common areas other than the bin store area.

·No bicycles or other articles shall be stored in any internal common areas.

3.Commitment by owners and residents

In order to ensure the estate continues to enjoy a high reputation, the value of properties are protected and  a  good quality of life is sustained, owners/residents and any visitors  to the estate are asked to abide by the House Rules and the Deed of Conditions. They should conduct themselves in a reasonable and respectful manner. Rowdy house parties,  drunken behaviour and the defacement and damage to private or public property puts everyone on the estate at risk and we all have an obligation to ensure this does not happen.

Your Owner’s Association is committed to the above values and will do everything in its power to support those who feel their life is being affected by breaches of the House Rules or Deed of Conditions.


28th June, 2017