Information for tenants

12-10- 2015   New Citadel Quay Owners Association and Executive Committee Created

On Sunday 11th October, at a Special General Meeting of all owners on the Citadel Quay Estate, over 60 owners voted unanimously to form an Owners Association and related Executive Committee.

A new constitution was approved and 8 owners were elected as committee members.

 The following general Mission Statement was adopted.           

            "To advance the interests of all property owners at Citadel Quay and maintain or improve their property values by monitoring, developing and promoting the overall management of the estate and improving the quality of life of all owners and residents, in line with the Deed of Conditions.” 

 In discussion it was agreed that owners must work with the factors James Gibb to ensure that the estate continues to be  effectively managed. Among the major goals identified for the Association and committee were:

   To seek the support and involvement of  all owners and tenants in improving the quality of life on the estate and developing the sense of community on the estate and with surrounding communities.

   To create a list of estate rules’ which would highlight the main provisions of the Deed of Conditions’ which lay down the rights and obligations of owners and factors in a simple and readable form. This list would be circulated to all owners and arrangements will be brought forward to have owners formally adopt the rules and make arrangements for all tenants  to sign up’ to these rules as part of their rental agreement.

   To ensure structured forward planning is in place in respect of anticipated future expenditure and major works.

   To establish financial control and  to monitor estate costs and the level of bad debt on the estate to ensure that robust procedures are in place to recover such debts and that they are kept to a minimum.

   To ensure better control of outside contractors on the estate and to encourage the employment of local services where they are available.

Details of the committee members and the new constitution will be published shortly along with dates of committee meetings which owners are welcome to attend.

26-06-2015  Creation of Owners Association, Executive Committee and Ayr Beach Redsidence Website.
Following the Grant and Wilson takeover by James Gibb, Residential Factors, Edinburgh both the factors and the owner’s Citadel Quay Liaison Group have carried out an in-depth review of the estate management. These reviews looked at ways of achieving more effective owner involvement in that management and ways of advertising the benefits of living at Citadel Quay to a wider public.
In this connection two initiatives are being launched shortly.
An Owners Association and related Executive Committee to represent owners in discussions with factors re the estate management will be created.
A draft Association/Committee constitution is being prepared with a view to its being circulated to all owners for comment. At a Special General Meeting (SGM) to be held In September/October this year all owners will be given the opportunity to discuss the formation of the Owners Association, vote on the new constitution and elect an Executive Committee.
In addition a website is being created to encourage communication with and between owners and to introduce the estate to a wider public in Ayr and beyond. It is hoped that the site will be officially launched in August this year.
The Owner’s Liaison Group is happy to discuss these plans with any existing owners or residents and with anyone who is contemplating purchasing property on the estate. They can be contacted by e-mail at: