Mission statement & objectives

Mission Statement Owner's Executive Committee
 "To advance the interests of all property owners at Citadel Quay and maintain or improve their property values by monitoring, developing and promoting the overall management of the estate and improving the quality of life of all owners and residents, in line with the Deed of Conditions.” 

Objectives Owner's Executive Committee
'The Committee shall be mandated by the Association, 
  1. To act and make decisions on behalf of  the owners in relation to all matters contained within the Deed of Conditions and to                        promote and monitor the exercise of Owner’s  rights and the maintenance of the   development  and  its amenities and                                environment in accordance with those deeds.
  2. To liaise with the Management Agents (Factors) of the development on the Owner’s behalf to ensure the efficient and effective                     overall management and maintenance of the estate in accordance with the terms in the Deed of Conditions.                     
  3. To approve the appointment of service contractors and renegotiation of terms and conditions presented by the Factors in order  to ensure best value for money for property owners.
  4. To review such contracts as the Committee considers  expedient for the factoring and management and/or improvement of the     whole or parts of the Development.
  5. To review, analyse and recommend to Owners capital investment projects, replacement investment and major periodic maintenance.
  6. To promote communication with apartment proprietors and residents through the internet, newsletters, social events or other initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life for those living on the estate and promoting it as a place to live.
  7. To bring forward for general approval at the Association’s first Annual General Meeting,  and subsequently maintain, a simple but comprehensive list of estate rules for observance by all residents detailing individual responsibilities as defined by the Deed of Conditions, local by-laws and accepted standards of conduct. These rules may be amended on a vote by members at a General Meeting.
  8. To represent the interests of estate owners and tenants in relations with the local community, the local authorities, and other outside parties.