Property Factor

The overall management of the estate is carried out by property factors who are hired by property owners. The property factor who is currently maintaining Ayr Beach Residence is Newton Property Management.

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In the following film Newton Property is introducing themselves and explains how they are managing our buildings. Click on button:

In general, property factors can do a combination of the following jobs:

  • hiring, supervising and paying day-to-day maintenance employees, such as a caretaker, cleaner or gardener
  • organising owners' meetings where decisions can be made about the
  • running of the building
  • inspecting the building at agreed intervals and arranging to get any necessary maintenance work carried out, including hiring contractors and overseeing their work
  • arranging for repairs to be carried out, including getting quotes, hiring contractors and supervising their work
  • dealing with any complaints owners have about the maintenance or repair work
  • taking charge of a joint maintenance bank account, collecting payments and chasing up anyone who doesn't pay
  • organising common insurance for the building.
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                                           The website of Newton Property Management can be found here: